Lumber Company - Different Types of Lumber

Lumbers come in two different types and these are the hardwoods and softwoods. Now in the latter, it comes from conifer trees similar to cedar, spruce, fir and pine. These woods have their classification for a reason; they can be dented easily even by just using your fingernail. Softwood lumber is also capable of absorbing and losing moisture a lot easier compared to hardwood. Read more about marine construction at  floating dock hardware .And for this, extra care has to be taken in an effort to maintain the stability of the wood over a lifetime. Pressure treating a softwood is among the simplest ways of maintaining its soundness exposed to other elements.

Softwood lumber is considerably cheaper as it is faster and easier to grow conifer trees in comparison to hardwoods. In addition to that, softwood lumber is mainly used in construction similar to framing of a house or even when building a deck. If you are planning to perform a DIY project, then you are more likely to make use of a softwood lumber. As a matter of fact, you can find tons of softwood lumber at your local lumber company and even in big box home improvement shops.

When it comes to hardwood lumber however, this primarily comes from deciduous trees that have big leaves falling off during cold months. A very common tree that you will see being used as hardwood lumber come from maple, walnut, oak, mahogany and hickory. Read more about marine construction at  marine deck material . As what the name suggests, majority of the hardwoods are significantly harder than the softwood but with the exception of balsa wood. Because it is hardwood, it is hard to create dent on it.

Hardwood trees are taking longer period of time to grow in full maturity and thus, the lumber they are turned into is a lot more expensive when compared to softwood variety. Apart from that, hardwood lumber is often used in woodworking, cabinetry, furniture construction as well as flooring. If you like to get into woodworking, then you will mainly be using hardwoods. As a matter of fact, big box hardware are not stocking much of it in their inventory. With this being said, it will require you to visit specialty lumber company or specialty woodworking shops to get one.

With basic distinction between hardwood and softwood lumber out of the way, hope that it can give you a better insight of how you can make a wise decision which lumber to buy for the project you want to do.Learn more from